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PETTIMUDI HILLS (Koompanpara) | Adimali | Munnar | Must Visit tourist Spot in Idukki | 360 Views | Habeeb Vlogs

Hi Friends, How are you doing? Today we are not in Dubai, but God’s own country – Kerala, India.
I am on a short vacation, and set out to explore a hidden beauty in Kerala – Pettimudi Hills, near Munnar. We reached the base of the hill by 6:00 AM and started the hike. Its Jungle alongside. But we walk through tall green grass. Sometimes the grass was even taller than me.
The grass is beautiful yet dangerous. If it comes in close contact with your body its edges can act like a blade, so beware.
During the ascend, the surroundings were covered in thick fog. This fog is the cloud, that we see on hill top, when we look from the bottom of the mountain.
I am at this beautiful place only because of the travel vlogger and explorer – Jomon. He runs a youtube channel exploring all the unexplored, beautiful places in Kerala. Soon, he will set out for an all India trip and do check out his channel; the link is in the description.

The flora and fauna of the place was not exactly as I expected. As we start approaching the hill top, its only grasses around. As fauna, it was only some insects, leeches and birds. No traces of animals. During summers, all these grasses would dry out leaving the hill barren with no greenry. So make sure to visit the place during rainy season.

Around me, its mountains and hills covered in greenery, But, as of now, nothing is visible because of the thick fog. The feeling, is literely like, I’ve woke up from sleep to see myself on top of clouds.
We were lucky that it didn’t rain during our trek. It was heavily raining the previous night. And From Jomon I came to know that, if it rains the previous night, then the next day morning, will have thick fog. So thats what we are experiencing now.
With all the mist and fog, the place was so mysterious and I totally fail to express the experience in words.
O’ thats a large Moth. It reminded me of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as if it came to pass me a message ..

There are 5 hill top points on our way, and each give a beautiful and exclusive view point.

Finally, we have reached the top. What an awesome view; as if we have reached another world. Its a moment we truely admire the creator and reemphasise how tiny creature we human beings are.
The only visitors I came across, were, university students. They visit in groups on their Motor bikes. It was a great opportunity to meet them and get connected. They were really fun, much more than, what, we used to be during our university days. Such an inspiring new generation.
We met some Civil Engineering Students from Mar Athanasius College of Engineering – MACE. It’s one of the prestegious Engineering colleges in Kerala founded in 1961.

On our way back, we stopped at a small water fall. I could see the falls eagerly waiting for the monsoon rains to show its full might…

Driving through Indian Roads especially in the suburbs is an entirely different experience. You will be at the edge of the seat, through out the drive. The same narrow road unilized by a cyclist as well as Large truck, makes it one of the most unique experience. You need to be, vigilant and careful on these roads. But the feel is amazing. Sometimes, You feel like driving through a jungle.

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